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Abundance Roll On

Abundance Roll On

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Craig’s Crafting Co.

 Abundance Roll On is a unique blend of essential oils formulated to help balance the root chakra. The roll-on contains a combination of sandalwood, geranium, and cedarwood essential oils, creating a warm, earthy, grounding fragrance perfect for promoting abundance and prosperity.

Sandalwood is a popular aromatherapy ingredient known for its calming and centring properties. Geranium is also well-regarded for its balancing effects on emotions, while cedarwood is believed to promote feelings of strength and stability. These essential oils create a potent blend to help you feel more grounded, centred, and focused.

To use Abundance Roll On, apply a small amount to your wrists, temples, or pulse points as needed. The convenient roll-on bottle makes it easy to take with you wherever you go to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful fragrance anytime, anywhere. 

Plant-based | Eco-friendly| Chemical free 

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