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Aquarius Candle | Craig's Crafting Co.

Aquarius Candle | Craig's Crafting Co.

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Craig’s Crafting Co.

Aquarius: The Zodiac’s Maverick 

Embrace the unique spirit of Aquarius with our specially crafted Aquarius Candle. As an Aquarian, I infused this candle with the essence of our distinctive zodiac sign, blending rebellion with rhythm, love, and light. This candle features a therapeutic blend of pure essential oils – ylang-ylang, for its calming and uplifting properties; Jasmine, to enhance positive energy; and Frankincense, revered for its powerful spiritual and purifying qualities. Adorned with energetically charged Garnet crystal stones and delicate Jasmine petals, each candle is a small universe of tranquillity. Presented in an elegant ceramic jar, the candle includes a wooden wick that crackles softly, adding a comforting ambiance to any space. In this dawning Age of Aquarius, our candle is not just an object but a companion in setting the tone for enlightenment and harmony.

  • FSC Certified Wood Wick 

Size: 10 fl oz

Plant Based | Chemical Free | Eco Friendly

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