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Citrus Melody

Citrus Melody

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Craig’s Crafting Co

Illuminate Your Space with Nature’s Vibrance

The Citrus Melody candle is a carefully curated blend of Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, and Bergamot oils, each selected for their uplifting and purifying properties. This vibrant combination is designed to invigorate your space, providing a fresh, energizing backdrop to your daily routines.

Eco Friendly | Chemical Free | Plant Based 

Our candles are hand-poured with a premium coconut wax blend, renowned for their clean burn and capacity to hold a high concentration of fragrance oils. Citrus Melody promises a long-lasting, soot-free experience that envelops your environment in its invigorating aroma. Eco-friendly and sustainable, embracing our responsibility to the planet, Citrus Melody is created with environmental responsibility at its core. 

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