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Self-Love Intention Candle

Self-Love Intention Candle

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Craig’s Crafting Co.

    Self Love Candle: Illuminate Your Journey

    Self Love: a vital, deeply personal journey that guides us through life’s complexities. Introducing our ‘Self Love Candle,’ a luminous addition to our Intention Candle Collection, designed to nurture your soul.

    This candle is a symphony of essential oils – each with a particular purpose. Jasmine for its uplifting spirit, Chamomile for tranquillity, Bergamot for joy, Frankincense for spiritual awakening, and Cardamom for a hint of warmth. Together, they create a melody that harmonizes and balances the heart chakra.

    Adorned with delicate dried Chamomile flowers, the candle also features Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystals, known for their love-enhancing and protective energies. Let this candle be more than just a light; it is a beacon of self-love, casting a warm, radiant glow on your path. ✨❤️✨

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